About Persistent Construction

Persistent Construction specializes in:

  • Heavy Highway Construction – road and bridge construction, reinforced concrete structures, grading, paving and respective utilities
  • Site Work – clearing, earthwork, grading, mass excavation, utilities, concrete work, hardscape, site furnishings and paving
  • Marine Work – bulkheads, outfalls, piers and deck slabs
  • Environmental Remediation – excavation, transportation and disposal of contaminated soil

Persistent Construction has the construction expertise to plan, manage and construct your project. We work closely with you to get your construction project completed on time and on budget in order to help to reduce cost overruns.

Our Services


We will work with you to understand your project in order to stay within or under your target budget.


During pre-construction phase we will identify obstacles to reduce or prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns.


We will develop the best plan for creating a budget and schedule for work for your construction project.


Our combined construction experience spans over 150 years, insuring your project is expertly built.

Unparalleled Construction Experience

Construction Cost Evaluation

We keep up to date with the changing costs of markets. We provide estimates during various stages of construction. We do this to insure your project remain on budget at all times whenever possible.

Avoid Cost Overruns

Construction projects may encounter cost overrun due to change orders. We look ahead and evaluation the various factors that may lead to cost adjustments so we can avoid them during the course of the project.

Dedicated Construction Project Manager

Every single one of our construction clients is assigned their own dedicated project manager. At Persistent Construction, we believe that clear and efficient communications with our clients is vital to the success of any project we work on.

Ahead of the Competition

At Persistent Construction, we are constantly striving to provide our clients with the highest quality of service in the areas of heavy highway construction and sitework. It is this dedication to excellence, which sets us apart from other competitors in the construction industry.

A Well-Organized Team

At Persistent Construction, efficiency is paramount. Our team always plans ahead for every conceivable challenge or obstacle we might encounter during a construction project.

Unlimited Resources

Whether we are working on a heavy highway or bridge construction project or dealing with site or utility work, Persistent Construction has the resources and manpower get the work done to meet your construction needs.

What We Can Do For You

Keep You On Track

We provide you constant time and cost updates throughout the construction process. Just as our name suggests, we are “persistent” in our efforts to keep your project moving ahead as quickly and safely as possible.

Keep You On Budget

Whether we are constructing a bridge or repairing a highway, or performing site work we are always aware of the overall budget of any project. We are constantly keeping track of the overall costs associated with your project to prevent us from exceeding your given budget.

Keep You Happy

At Persistent Construction, we do not consider any project to be a true success unless our client is totally satisfied. Our goal is to provide client oriented service and dedication to all our customers.